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How To Order

We welcome the opportunity to DESIGN or PRINT your next project!

DESIGN: Supply us as much details as possible… 1) The precise dimensions in inches (WIDTH by HEIGHT). 2) Specify Process or Spot Colors. 3) Any logos or images that you want to be included in the project. 4) The text in written format, grammar checked. (For example: .doc, .docx, .PDF, .rtf, .pages). 5) Feel free to upload any examples that you like so we can get a better understanding of what you are looking for.

PRINT: If your job is "Print Ready", follow our file submission guidelines below to make sure nothing is missing! Send your files via or or via, or Google Drive.

Acceptable Software

PLEASE NOTE: All type fonts must be converted to outlines or paths.

  • We accept both Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Ideal File: High-res PDF file (includes all fonts and graphics) print ready! No other file preparation is necessary when submitting high-res PDF files. Download the “Meet the Perfect PDF” informative brochure.
  • Adobe Photoshop (Flattened) up to version 8
  • Adobe Illustrator (EPS file converted to outlines) up to version 11
  • QuarkXpress (Fonts and links must be included, no embedded links, CMYK only) up to version 6
  • Corel Draw (EPS file, converted to outlines) up to version 10
  • Adobe InDesign (Convert fonts to curve. No embedded links, no layers)

File Preparation Guidelines

upload files

Crossing Press can accept your created print ready files as an attachment to your email. For larger files use or or via, or Google Drive.
Contact us if you need help with designing and/or creating your job.